Luma Nuxt – NuxtJS Vue Learning Management System-Admin-Vorlage



Luma Nuxt – NuxtJS Vue Education & Learning Management System-Admin-Vorlage

Eine wunderschön gestaltete Benutzeroberfläche mit Nuxt.js und Sehen für moderne Bildungsplattformen.

  • Fachmännisch kodiert Vue.js
  • 48 Einzigartig Seitendesigns & 100+ Vue-Komponenten
  • Aufgestapelt Nuxt.js – Das Vue.js-Framework
  • Mit gebaut Bootstrap Vue v2.17
  • Gestylt mit Bootstrap v4.5.2 Quelle SCSS
  • Völlig Reaktionsschnell
  • RTL Bereit mit einem einfachen Schalter
  • SSR (Serverseitiges Rendern) und voll statisch Website-Generierung

Luma Laravel & Inertia.js Vue Learning Management System-Admin-Vorlage

Luma HTML - Admin-Vorlage für das Education Learning Management System

Was gibt’s Neues

Luma Nuxt v2.2.0 – 29. Oktober 2020

  - Improved browser support via babel and [email protected] (last 2 versions of every major browser, IE >= 11)
  - Reorganized plugin files into matching npm modules names (ie. plugins/charts.js -> plugins/fmv-charts.js)
  - Added globaly injected routes for all demo links (see plugins/app.js, store/settings.js and store/sidebarMenuConfig.js)
  - Renamed 'default' layout to 'app' layout
  - Added webpack config for working with symlinked modules
  - Added blog posts props on home and blog page
  - Improved components docs type pages nav
  - Cleanup mixins/layout-config.js
  - Bumped vue-luma to v2.1.0 (see below)

  vue-luma v2.1.0
  - Added anchored headings 
  - Improved docs page nav 
  - Fixed some links 
  - Bump fmv-layout to v2.2.4 (fixes sidebar menu items active route matching when using vue-router)

  vue-luma v2.0.2
  - Fixed route to mixin issue

  vue-luma v2.0.1
  - Fixed form image group page issue

  vue-luma v2.0.0
  - Breaking change: use globally injected routes on all links
  - Bumped fmv-layout to v2.2.2 (adds sidebar menu item badge)
  - Added login page form error handling 
  - Added login page auth functionality 
  - Added ability to customize the login page logo, brand, texts, errors and callbacks via props
  - Added ability to customize the forgot password page logo, brand, texts, errors and callbacks via props
  - Added i18n dropdown component 
  - Added navbar content logout route prop 
  - Added ability to customize the signup page logo, brand, texts, errors and callbacks via props
  - Added support for inertia.js routing
  - Added vue-no-ssr dependency
  - Cleaned-up side effects in reveal component destroy method
  - Fixed component doc / componentOptions prop type error
  - Added docs page / layoutHasStickyNavbar prop
  - Fixed docs page / get scroll hash from window instead of router injected current $route
  - Added faq card title link
  - Fixed home hero i18n issues
  - Replaced client-only with no-ssr
  - Binded layout props to default slot 'layoutProps' key instead of 'layout'
  - Binded fixed/sticky layout props to default slot
  - Fixed navbar full content sample errors when not using vue router
  - Fixed sidebar menu issues
  - Added routeTo mixin support for object type routes
  - Remove home and blog page default blog posts props data

Luma Nuxt v2.1.1 – 6. Oktober 2020

  - Fixed issues caused by gitignore

Luma Nuxt v2.1.0 – 5. Oktober 2020

  - Added SSR (Server Side Rendering) and full static site generation
  - Fixed RTL (Right-to-Left) issues

Luma Nuxt v2.0.0 – 28. September 2020

  - New and Improved account & billing pages
  - Extracted the layouts, pages and components to a standalone package [vendor/vue-luma]
  - Extracted the syntax highlight component to a standalone package [fmv-highlight]
  - Extracted the charts components to a standalone package [fmv-charts]
  - Included vendor/ui-huma private package directly in the item download
  - Moved dependencies not related to Nuxt.js to vendor/vue-luma package
  - Decoupled components from Nuxt.js
  - Moved Nuxt.js pages under a dynamic layout route (layout-name/page-name)
  - Improved sidebar menu component data initialization (fixes menu reloading issue) [fmv-layout]
  - Fix sidebar submenu toggle redirect to '/#' issue [fmv-layout]
  - Added view course header scroll effects
  - Fix side-effects on body and html tags when changing layouts [material-design-kit]
  - Changed scss loader from node-sass implementation to dart sass

  Layouts Improvements
  - Use layouts and pages as Vue components
  - Added layout slots to customize the navbar, sidebar and footer

  Account & Billing
  - Added edit account email notifications page
  - Improved change password page
  - Improved edit account basic information page
  - Improved edit account profile & privacy page
  - Improved billing subscription page
  - Improved billing upgrade account page
  - Improved billing payment information page
  - Improved billing payment history page
  - Improved billing invoice page

Luma Nuxt v1.1.0 – 8. Juni 2020

  - Added sticky layout
  - Added boxed layout
  - Added parallax component
  - Added blog parallax header
  - Added layout settings

Luma Nuxt v1.0.0 – 4. Juni 2020

  - Initial release

Layouts - Luma Nuxt

Gastseiten - Luma Nuxt - Nuxt.js Bildungsplattform

Lehrerseiten - Luma Nuxt

Studentenseiten - Luma Nuxt

Kontoverwaltungsseiten - Luma Nuxt

Messaging-Seiten - Luma Nuxt



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